Conduction Thermostats

Conduction Type Thermostats are used widely within industry applications that require thermal control within electrical appliances, food service units, industrial drum heaters, laminators, etc. The thermostats are factory calibrated to your specifications and are available in adjustable and non adjustable designs.


Control Range: Room Temp - 545°F (285°C)
Adjustment Sensitivity: 1°/1 rotational deg

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General Information

Conduction type thermostats are a type of thermostat that sense temperature through thermal conduction, meaning they are mounted on a surface that will output heat and they will react. We offer three classes of conduction type thermostats; adjustable, fixed & sealed, and fixed w/out sealing. These devices are used widely within industrial applications that require thermal control in electrical appliances, food service equipment, industrial drum heaters, laminators, etc. These devices permit electrical continuity below the set temperature and prohibit continuity when the set temperature is reached.

Calibrated Adjustable Units

These units are adjusted through a splined adjustment shaft which is machined at varied lengths to fit your application. Your adjustment range can be controlled by a rotational stop giving you rotational freedom to design your appliance the way you intend it to be. The temperature adjustment sensitivity is 1°F (0.55°C) per 1 degree of rotation.

Non-Adjustable Calibrated, Set, & Sealed Units

These units are calibrated and sealed in the factory before being shipped. These units are not adjustable and customers who use these do not require any adjustment controls. The unit's temperature range spans from "room temperature" to 600F with a tolerance of +/- 5% of the set temperature. These units can be "base mounted" as shown in the photo above, or "side mounted" which ships with the "side mount bracket" for you to adapt to your system or product.

Non-Adjustable Calibrated, Set, & pre-sealed Units

In order to account for the differences in thermal conductivity in your system you may need to modify or calibrate your thermostats "on-site" which is why we have developed a UL accepted policy of having the customer easily "seal" their own thermostats on-site". Customers receive these units "pre-sealed" with easy to follow instructions on how to seal your thermostat once "self-calibrated".

Engineering Assistance

If you are unsure of what you need simply let our team of engineers work with you to solve your problems. Prior to any commitment we can provide samples for you to evaluate and qualify, giving you the confidence needed to move forward with your project.


Classification & Anatomy

There are essentially two classifications of conduction-type thermostats we offer: Adjustable, and Fixed-setting. Please view the function animation to better understand how these devices operate. The diagrams to the right provide generalize anatomy of these devices. The sealed unit that is shown below depicts the calibrated & factory sealed unit; pre-sealed units do not have sealant on top of the adjustment screw so you can calibrate the device in-house prior to sealing.

Adjustable B200 Thermostats Fixed B1200 Thermostats
bilbee b200 bilbee b1200

A: Conduction base plate (Thermal Conduction)
B: Electrical terminals
C: Rotational stops
D: Adjustment shaft

A: Conduction base plate (Thermal Conduction)
B: Electrical terminals
C: Fixed & calibrated adjustment

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