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Do you know that we offer a variety of nine different control products?

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Thermal control solutions

Rostra Vernatherm specializes in designing engineered thermal solutions and products for all industries such as aerospace, HVAC, solar thermal, defense, automotive, and food service. Take a look at our impressive line of diverse controls that can be used in all applications and in all industries.

An in-house panel of engineers awaits your thermal control challenge. Let us share our expertise with you. With a legacy going back 80 years Rostra Vernatherm is the trusted global leader in designing & manufacturing thermal controls.
Designing & manufacturing thermal controls for every industry
Engineering thermal solutions for over eighty years
Pressure relief valves of all sizes and relief pressures
Custom thermal solutions designed specifically for your application

New product catalog full of illustrations and technical info.

product catalogAll of the products featured on this website are contained within this 3Mb PDF. This catalog was designed to be informational and educational.

Our freeze protection products are classified as "thermal valves"

freeze protection valveThese valves sense ambient temperature, when temps reach 35F the valve opens and purges fluid. Many direct solar thermal systems use these devices.

Study how our thermostatic 3 port valve functions with this animation

thermal control valvesOur three port valves sense fluid temperature as it passes through and adjusts flow accordingly.

Click here to better understand how our mixing valves function.

mixing valveThis valve has two inlet ports (hot & cold) and one outlet port; the two inlet ports are mixed accordingly to achieve a desired output temperature.

Click here to learn about our four port thermostatic control valve

4 port valveWhen installed properly this valve will automatically engage and disengage a heat exchanger to maintain optimal system temperature.

We are ISO 9001:2008 AS9100 Certified; Re-issued Nov 4/9/14.

ISO CertificationClick to view our certification. Having an ISO and AS certification is critical in aerospace manufacturing; look for these certifications from your suppliers where applicable.

Now offering the following mixing valve; click here to learn more

Mixing valveCNC machined precision thermostatic mixing valve applied in the aerospace fields and more. Control system temperature between 30F to 300F.

New product offering: Bulb & Capillary Thermostats

Bulb and capillary thermostatTaking orders now; accurately remote sense and adjust heating temperatures, these units are widely used in the food service industry.

Do you know what a thermal actuator pellet is? Click here.

Thermal actuatorsA hydrocarbon pellet batch ready to be utilized within our thermal actuators. Click the link above to learn more.

Utilizing 5 axis CNC machining centers to manufacture manifolds

CNC machiningWe machine valve housings here on site to ensure compatibility with our valves. We maintain a fleet of CNC lathes and CNC machining centers.

You can artificially heat a thermal actuator with resistive heaters.

Thermal actuatorThis thermal actuator is designed to be heated through thermal-electrical means; no other heat source required.

Baseplate springs manufactured on site for our thermal switches

Conduction thermostatsThese units are used as single components within our B200 surface mount/conduction type thermostats.

Automated hydrocarbon dispensing for when pellets cannot be utilized

AutomationWe utilize specialized automation solutions to manufacture our highly sensitive actuators that perform in cold conditions.

Do you know what a parts tumbler is? We tumble many parts daily.

ManufacturingThis process enables us to safely condition our parts and or achieve a particular surface finish after they are machined.